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Car-B-Q in Forest Hills

Car on fire outside Brassica in Forest Hills

The VU shows us the car fire outside Brassica and across from the T stop in Forest Hills around 6:10 p.m.

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It looks parked. Spontaneous combustion?

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I was there when the car started to smoke up. there were two gentlemen in the car and i saw the flames in the wheel wells while the driver was putting the car in park. not sure what it could’ve been.

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I've seen a poorly installed speaker system in a trunk go up in flames. In fact, we offered our fire extinguisher to the poor car owner who didn't seem to know how to use it, so my husband helped put it out. And the adjacent restaurant staff came running with their extinguisher as well.

I seem to recall hearing, "I just go the car back!" Well, you're heading back to whoever installed that nonsense, now, aren't you?

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