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Car, not train, on fire along the Green Line viaduct this morning

Flaming car across from the Museum of Science

The Cambridge Fire Department reports firefighters doused a flaming car next to the Green Line viaduct and across from the Museum of Science garage (and future home of the Leonard Nimoy memorial) this morning.



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Screen grab from a friend's facebook.


What a shame.


Didn’t there used to be a UH poster with Whyaduck as their handle? If so, I demand their commentary on this incident.

I'm curious about what might cause a vehicle to burst into flames or explode. Cigarette disposal? Flammable materials? Short circuit? I know electric vehicles have issues with the batteries, but I've always thought gas-fueled fires were incredibly unlikely.

Will do it. Could have been an electrical fire too - a short or a spark that ignited oil or fuel from a leak. Just need a small flame and all the plastics start to burn and turns into a full blown fire very quickly.

I'm pretty sure it was spontaneous vehicular combustion. I'm pretty sure saw William Shatner cover it on "The UnXplained". /s

Why not a duck boat?

25 year anniversary remake ?