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Car wash could be scrubbed to make way for residential building on Hancock Street in Dorchester

Rendering of proposed Hancock Street building

Rendering by RODE Architects.

A developer has filed plans to replace a car wash at 247 Hancock St. in Dorchester with a six-story, 47-unit residential building.

Arx Urban's proposed building would sit next to an apartment building it completed in 2020 and across the street from the Dot Block complex.

The filing does not say if the units will be apartments or condos. In either case, the Bay Village-based Arx says it will provide more than the seven affordable units required by the city - the exact number will depend on the outcome of its applications for government credits.

The company is proposing 18 parking spaces - and says the building should reduce traffic and increase parking on the street because residential units generate less traffic than a car wash and because it will eliminate curb cuts now used by the car wash. The building would also get an electric ride-share vehicle for use by building residents.

247 Hancock St. filings and meeting schedule.

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It's a classic movie!

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The company [...] says the building should reduce traffic [...] because residential units generate less traffic than a car wash

look at a map for one second and you'll see that the car wash is not even 0.001% of the traffic concern on Hancock Street

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