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Charon doesn't run the T's Boston Harbor ferries, so they're all canceled for tomorrow's morning storm

People boarding Charon's ferry across the Styx

The T won't be re-enacting Doré's vision of a ferry ride of the damned. Source.

The MBTA reports it's canceled its morning ferries tomorrow due to anticipated high winds and rough seas.

The Hingham ferry should resume service at 11 a.m., the Hingham/Hull/Logan ferry at 2 and the Charlestown ferry at noon, the T says.

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My hunch is that the folks at the MBTA have studied Géricault's most famous painting. They don't want commuters to eat their fellow passenger to survive the rough seas.


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I'm not too familiar with the ferry system, but is there any place they serve that isn't already better served by commuter rail?

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Agreed. You’re not familiar.

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Locate downtown Boston on a map, then locate Hull.

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because the rains let up earlier. The Alerts page for ferries now says:

Update - Ferry service will resume with the following trips:
Hingham/Hull to Boston: 8:45 AM Trip from Hingham.
Hingham/Hull/Logan to Boston: 8:05 AM Trip from Hull.
Charlestown to Boston: 8:30 AM Trip from Charlestown.

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