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Chelsea Dunkin' Donuts gets a drive-thru the hard way

Inside the Dunkin'

Paul Koolloian captured the carnage after the driver of a Corolla slammed into the Dunkin' at 372 Washington St. today. He reports two people were transported to the hospital with minor injuries.



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Unless the app crashes too :-)

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I think it's time that all commercial property owners start looking seriously at how much money good bollards will save them. Hell, Dunks will probably pay for them if you let them paint them orange and pink and slap their branding on them.

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This is like when after a school shooting the GOP will say that we need bullet-proof doors. The problem is the guns. The problem is the cars.

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on Beacham Street, a few years ago. I thought it was reported here on Universal Hub, but I can't find the post anymore.

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