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Cigarette moocher turns violent, smashes man with bottle at Quincy Center T stop, police say

Transit Police report arresting a man they say demanded a cigarette from a couple standing on the Red Line platform at Quincy Center, then hit the man with a bottle and threatened to stab the woman, around 2 p.m. on Tuesday.

Police say officers arrived in time to arrest the alleged bottle attacker at the scene, on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - the bottle - and assault with intent to rob. He also had an outstanding warrant for assault with a dangerous weapon from Hingham District Court, police say.

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For more lock in mental health institutions.

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Every suspect the Transit Police stop is a wanted fugitive. Do fugitives get a discount to ride the MBTA?

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For the addicted and everyone around them.

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rage induced by delays on the MBTA system. #thepeasantsarerevolting

While yes, we do need more funds for mental wellness, but we also need more funding for public transit, and a better contractor for the orange/red line cars.

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