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Citizen complaint of the day: Drive-by mattressing in West Roxbury

The mattress

Tossed mattress.

An aghast citizen filed a 311 complaint about an incident on Baker Street at Amesbury Street in West Roxbury shortly after noon on Saturday:

Constituent states they witness a white mercedes SUV dump a mattress here. Constituent states it was a group of teenage boys.



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Being a few short feet from Cambridge St in downtown it isn't that rare that someone dumps stuff in front my building. One of the major motivations, after porch pirates, for getting a surveillance camera.

No mattresses, but did get a ticket a year ago September 1st when someone dumped a sofa in front of our building. Small building, no one moving in or out


That’s there’s fees associated with the disposal of some stuff.


Which is why we're going to see more and more of this.

Look,. I get why we passed the law. But to now charge fees to take this stuff away AND wont be picked up anyways on trash day is going to lead to this.

and now they charge a fee. So now what people will do is just dump it somewhere so it becomes someone else's problem (and in most cases the city will just take it away just to get it off the street). No way to figure out where it came from, so no one to issue a ticket to. So the city ends up 'paying' anyways.

This is a stupid law, and there has to be a better way to do this than just charging a fee for a pick up.

See also: Pallets, Tires, Tube TVs, Electronics for more examples on how this doesn't work and has never worked.

Once again, here in the US we think 'charging people' will get people to do something with their trash. No. Trash is everyone's problem and anything should be picked up, no questions asked. Let the trash people figure out what to do with the stuff. Its their job.

These fees are nothing more than a tax. A tax for something that is already paid for (trash pick up)


MOST people will obey a rule. If you say it's X dollars to toss something, most will pay it. This generates revenue to help cover the cost of the non-compliant scofflaws. It's surprising how people who are suddenly limited in the amount of trash they can dispose for free, quickly learn to generate less trash.

People used to dump this crap in the Fells all the fucking time. This is not at all new.

What may be new is that they are dumping it in random residential locations. But dumping random shit on public property was a time honored tradition in these parts not so long ago.

Speed Hump

At least someone didn’t dump a dump. Always look on the bright side of life beedeep beedoopidoodily doop. Magoo.


Ah, the assholery proliferates.

…. is that at least someone didn’t dump a Magoo.

See above.

Whaddya bet they were from Brookline, slipping over the town line in Mom's car to the mean streets of West Roxbury to do their crimes.


The Westie tank of choice is a Tahoe or Suburban. (What’s the Newton crime car? Tesla X?)


Or the White Chevy Equinox. A car which only seems to exist in WR

People dumped mattresses at Cradles to Crayons in Newton. Their signage is super clear so it seems willfully ignorant and/or malicious.

they be longer pick up mattresses, but really does pick them up if you throw them out in front of somebody else’s property or leave them on the corner.

with an appointment. Call or request online. They send someone out in a hazmat suit to pick it up.

Does not apply to buildings with more than 6 units.



Did this happen at 221b Baker Street?

If so, we need not worry. Sherlock Holmes will undoubtedly use his powers of deduction to bring the culprit into police custody soon.

If you are light in the head and dead on your feet.


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