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Citizen complaint of the day: East Boston resident marks milestone

A concerned citizen who filed a 311 complaint about a car blocking a handicap-access ramp at the intersection of Havre and Bennington street in East Boston declares:

This is my 50th report regarding this crosswalk. Let's celebrate with some striping!

Past complaints.

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That whole intersection needs reconstruction with some curb islands. Why does the city allow people to park in the triangle, blocking sightlines?

It's not surprising that people park in front of this ramp for an unstriped crosswalk surrounded by other parked cars. This problem could easily be addressed by some No Parking signs. Every time the city writes a ticket, it's a sign that the lack of signs has failed.

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From google maps, it looks like a mid-block ramp and some signs or striping could be added.

From: https://www.mass.gov/doc/700-cmr-5-regulation-of-certain-roadways-and-br...

(26) Handicap Ramp. No driver shall stop, stand, or park in front of any pedestrian sidewalk ramp (handicap
ramp). No Exemptions (not even HP or DV (Disabled Veteran) plates or placards). For ramps located within
20 feet of an intersection, no signs are required. For ramps located well beyond an intersection, signage is
required, unless roadway markings for a crosswalk are present.

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Which speaks to a rather broad level of ignorance of people moving here from warmer climates and expecting things to be the same.

Pretty much no street work is done in these-here parts except for emergency needs, and no street markings are put down because the ground is too cold. All 311 can do is make a note and put it on the list of things to do. Sometime in April at best for this one.

Maybe if they actually called the city transportation department or asked their local city councilor as to why it ha snot been done, they would get an answer, but 311 has become the elite's whipping boy that allows them to keep complaining about the same thing over and over and feel good about how great a civic minded idiot person they are.

You really need to give credit to the oddball that keeps complaining about airplane noise from the South End/Back Bay area. 311 keeps responding with the MassPort number to call and they keep ignoring it, and you can read each subsequent complaint that noting is being done and no one is listening. What a maroon.

Pretty soon these self-entitled people will start to complain that the sun rises at the wrong time each morning. These finger-snapping complaints are just too much.

Please spare me the responses as to why the city is non-responses. That's just to feel good about yourself. Admit it.


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to expect 311 to *reply* with "noted, painting will happen after winter".

This is also a report of a car blocking the ramp, which is actionable now.

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Striping? I guess they mean one of those rubber mats with the bumps thingies.

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The picture attached to the complaint shows one of the yellow things with bumps. Other complaints have requested a crosswalk be painted to connect the curb cuts, presumably to make it obvious that you can't park there and block the access ramp.

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The bumpy mats are already there. But this poor attempt at a crosswalk has no lines in the road.

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