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Citizen complaint of the day: The Jeffries Point Gatelocker is back

Gate, locked again

Curses, locked again.

A concerned citizen files a 311 complaint that the mad gatelocker of Jeffries Point is back again, once more locking the gate at the end of Sumner Street at the harborwalk.

The lock enthusiast last struck in September.

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Sure would be a shame if somebody who happened to be carrying a bolt cutter passed by, saw this piece of litter attached to the gate, and put it in the trash.


Get me a pair of bolt cutters.

This jerkoff should have just bought $8 worth of scratchoffs instead. At least he might end up with something more than a damaged lock.


What are they thinking?

If the gate is supposed to be locked, the Parks Department or whoever should lock it and no one should be cutting the lock. If the gate is supposed to be open, whoever is locking it should stop and the Parks Department should cut the lock and perhaps figure out a way to lock it to the post when it's supposed to be open.

In short- the average person should neither be locking the gate nor cutting the lock.


Parks and Rec or whoever can easily cut it, open the gate, and lock the barrier to the other post using a high security lock.

Otherwise, we are talking about pissy neighbors deciding on their own.

There is no reason to cut this lock because it is so easy to nondestructively remove.

Is it even parks and rec responsible or ASSport?

I wonder if this is some sort of NIMBY love lock?

… only one Jeffries Point Gate Locker?

Could be a copy cat gate locker.
Or a secret society of gate lockers.