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The City that Always Sleeps seeks help staying up later

City Hall is looking for people to join a new Nightlife Initiative for a Thriving Economy Committee (yes, NITE) to try to turn our sleepy hamlet into something just a bit world classier, with "a more fun, equitable and family-friendly nightlife economy that benefits all residents across neighborhoods."

Committee members will work with Director of Nightlife Economy Corean Reynolds on nailing down all our sidewalks so they don't roll up too early.

The NITE Committee will consist of 21 residents, business and civic leaders who represent a diverse range of expertise and perspectives related to the food and beverage industry, arts and culture, entertainment, public safety, community, and compliance. This committee will support the City’s work to evaluate existing regulations and policies impacting Boston's nightlife economy and culture. The Committee will also present informed findings and provide recommendations to the Office of Economic Opportunity and Inclusion on potential opportunities and challenges affecting the growth and vibrancy of Boston's nightlife economy.

Nite, um, night owls can apply for a seat on the committee via an online form.



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Isn't that a bit of an oxymoron?

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Almost every politician uses the word "family" indifferent to what a dogwhistle it is.

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They put the other dogwhistle word in there too.

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I guess it depends on your definition of night life? Considering some parts of Boston close down at 4pm and are asleep by 7 I guess nightlife could mean 8pm lol

In reality it's an odd concept though. I'm in my early 40s now but when I was younger the concept of family friendly would deter me if I was looking for "night life". Generally the things that keep you out at night are the drinking, smoking , dancing, flirting... Very adult oriented activities. When I do occasionally stay out late now it's always a bit weird sitting there and you hear kids running around because someone brought their children with them.

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How can you have nightlife in a city with no decent restaurants?

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Dragging them to nightclubs until 2 AM indeed! (This is sarcasm which some of you occasionally fail to recognize)

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