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City looks to buy billboard site in Egleston Square so it can become a park again

Jamaica Plain News reports Boston officials are negotiating the purchase of the Washington Street lparcel that was long an informal park until Clear Channel put a fence around it to protect its all important billboard. Community groups had cared for the land for more than 20 years, turning it into a peace garden and taking care of things property owners would normally have to do, such as snow and trash removal.



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There have been a lot of bad planning decisions in the city including pocket parks - i.e. - vacant lots formerly occupied by a house that burned down such as the John McCormack park on Columbia Road or "urban wilds" - A group of houses that burned down and were never replaced.

This little park is great though. I chatted up some gents there during Covid. It provides shaded outdoor space in the summer for people in the area including one great guy who got the hell out of Alabama in the mid-60's.

There is going to be a day care being put into the building next door on School Street. A little park for elderly / little kid interaction might be great.

Housing is needed yes, then again there are used car lots within spitting distance of this place.

"Open Space" like the world's most expensive tomato growing spot - East Berkeley Street between Shawmut Avenue and Tremont Street can be dumb. Really dumb. I know people like fresh veggies but you could also throw up a 100 odd units of housing here and design a roof garden for the area. Win win.

This little spot in Egleston as a community gathering space is great. Hope it works out.

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Clear channel has already finished ruining Boston Radio so community parks are the next "to do" thing on their media barony super villain list

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