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City Point could get a bit more life-sciency with proposal to replace old warehouse between Elkins and Summer streets

A New York developer with an active Boston presence and a South Boston family say they will soon file plans to replace a garage built in 1945 with a three-story life-sciences building.

Related Beal and the Shaughnessy family say they will soon file detailed plans for their 99,000-square-foot building at 6 Elkins St., next door to Integra LifeSciences, which focuses on possible treatments for neurological disorders, and across the street from the old Edison plant now being converted into a complex with a healthy dose of life sciences. The property is also across the street from the Murphy's Law bar.

In their "letter of intent," filed with the BPDA, the two say their proposed "contextually sized" building will include ground-floor retail space and an underground garage.

6 Elkins St. filings and meeting calendar.



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My city can only get so life-sciency!

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"Life Science Building" is basically an office building at this point. But the developers think it's more likely to get approval with the trendy name.

I am curious about the current occupancy stats for these spaces. A few years ago the city couldn't build them fast enough but a lot has changed in 3 years.

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