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Collapsing crane crumples, causes chaos

Crumpled crane

Shamus captured the remains of the crane this afternoon behind the Model on North Beacon Street in Allston.

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Give your worst reasons as to what made the crane lean over :

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1. E.D.?

2. Tryna get a better look at that cute little fork lift down the block?

3. Mischievous kids couldn't find any cows to tip?

3. Go home lift, you're drunk.

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I mean it's behind The Model so that seems to be the most likely answer.

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Lift/ crane/ whatever was so old- it was built back before the Model renovated and put in windows

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Not a crane.

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There is a blue collapsed crane behind the collapsed boom lift.

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No, that's actually just the heavy wrecker there for the recovery job.

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Construction crap!

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I've seen many get crumbled in and outside of the Model. #MakeAllstonDangerousAgain

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I saw this lift in use around 9:30 this this morning. It looked like it was fully extended to about 10 stories and there was a worker in the pod on top - several feet away from the back wall of the building. It looked so very tenuous that I shuddered and walked away. I was relieved to hear on tonight's news that the worker was OK.

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