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Commute on one line not going to plan, because a truck hit a Dedham span

Update: Yep, it was the East Street bridge.

The MBTA reports Franklin Line train 754 is between 30 and 40 minutes late into Boston because yet another trucker has slammed into a bridge in Dedham. The T didn't say which bridge, but if we were a betting site, we'd put good money on the ol' East Street bridge, which gets hit by truckers enough to be made an honorary Storrow Drive bridge.



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Plimpton Street bridge was struck by Tresca mixer

I thought something was wrong.

So, that was 2 bridge strikes on a single line in a single afternoon.

Ahead of the bridge … so that trucks hit that instead.

Can't be very expensive, and every time a train is delayed an hour … or more … how much does that cost the T and its riders?


Your mistake here is assuming the T actually cares about any sort of fiscal responsibility and the wasted time we riders endure.


I would imagine putting up poles on other, non-bridge parts of the road would be the responsibility of whoever maintains that section of the road.