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Commuter rail just ready to fold; it simply can't handle the cold

The T commuter-rail Twitter feed today is full of delay notices due to "severe weather conditions," broken rails, signal issues and, of course, mechanical issues (and in some cases severe weather conditions AND mechanical issues).

In some cases, that just means delays of 5 to 15 minutes, but in others, that means delays of an hour or more.

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Well at least South Station is packed with the unhoused who could probably use some cots and meals. Meanwhile at North Station an armed security firm and the Transit Police continue to kick the unhoused out of the station during Garden events.

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don't know how you keep up with litany of broken down public transit stories with rhyming titles!

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RhymeZone sure helps!

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…. for anyone waiting on any of the open platforms.

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Those radiant heaters that you see around seem pretty effective for outdoor heating. I bet if the T started now, they could get some by 2033, and have working ones by Q3 2036.

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PA systems.

Not to mention smart phones with transit apps.

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I stayed home for just that reason. Never mind open platforms, just try to imagine waiting 15 minutes minimum for a bus out in that cold.

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But a sick relative made it necessary for me.
I survived waiting for a train delayed 45 minutes at a flag stop in the evening by wearing extra layers and marching up and down the platform.
I think others may have had it worse.

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