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Condos could replace small warehouse on Addison Street in East Boston

Rendering of 141 Addison St. building

Rendering on one of those weird sunshower days by Zephyr Architects.

A developer who's built in East Boston before has filed plans for a four-story, 20-unit condo building to replace the current warehouse and parking lot at 141 Addison St., off Saratoga Street, in East Boston.

Plans by Richard Beliveau of Volnay Capital show four of the units being sold as affordable.

The plans, filed with the BPDA, also show 14 garage parking spaces for the $8.4-million building.

Beliveau hopes to begin roughly 15 months of construction by mid-2024.

141 Addison St. filings and meeting schedule.

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...what a unique and attractive rendering that is.