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Consultant recommends BPS consider return of Boston school police

The Dorchester Reporter reports.

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Time to replace our "executive" branch by consultants. Will be cheaper and better.

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This has had the obvious result of less safety incidents being reported and addressed in BPS!

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Study after study shows that police in schools do not reduce violence in schools, but you can pay a consultant to recommend that you put police back in schools. Consultants, they’re great!

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Violence against teachers and students in BPS is on the rise since police were removed from schools and many parents, teachers, and students are concerned. The plan put in place has not worked and BPS failed to do their part in hiring.

“One “key finding” cited in the report was that in 2020 when BPS was hiring school safety officers under the new format, it took too long to get the hiring done. That has led to understaffing at schools across the district.”

BPS and the BTU will allow violence to continue while citing the reports you mention regardless of the local reality on the ground.

“BTU disagrees with that sentiment and notes they have long been against police in schools and, instead, have called to invest school police budgets into social and emotional well-being programs.”

While it is true that all schools should have counselors, nurses, psychologists, and social workers, parroting the line that “social and emotional well-being” programs are the fix for everything is a lie. SEL very well may be doing more harm than good for the youth in Boston and the continued decline in mental health for young people should make it evident that the current plan in education is not working both academically or socially/emotionally. However, when an agenda is being pushed, reality often takes a backseat.

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