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With area Covid-19 rate dropping, UMass Boston ends indoor masking requirement

UMass Boston still recommends people wear masks indoors, but says that effective today, it's no longer a requirement.

The Columbia Point school had announced the return of a masking requirement as the area Covid-19 rate was rising, but now:

The rate of community COVID transmission in Suffolk County has again transitioned to a “medium” level according to CDC Community Level data, and there has been a corresponding drop in the COVID signal in Boston’s wastewater over the past several days. As such, we are lifting UMass Boston’s indoor mask requirement, effective Wednesday, January 18.

Masks continue to be strongly recommended while indoors on campus, but they are no longer required except while in University Health Services and for those who are unvaccinated. Anyone completing isolation or quarantine should continue to wear masks for the full 10 days, according to existing protocols.

Covid-19 RNA at Deer Island sewage plant dropping.

Via Blake C. Stacey.

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