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Defunct Barry's Corner deli could be reborn as restaurant focusing on American comfort food

Update: Approved, on submission of a written plan on how the restaurant will handle third-party delivery vehicles.

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to let Stillwater owner and chef Sarah Wade open a new restaurant at 197 North Harvard St. in Allston, using the liquor license she would buy from the owner of Our Fathers Deli, which closed there in August.

Wade's attorney, Ryan Gazda, said Wade and manager Mackenzie Dame would serve American comfort food between until 2 a.m. at Sloane's, which has room for roughly 92 seats, as well as a 20-seat seasonal patio.

In 2018, Wade beat out 15 other chefs to win the Food Network’s Chopped Gold Medal Games. She used her winnings to open Stillwater.

Wade told the board she isn't expecting a lot of delivery business, but that if they do get any, they could direct drivers to a small side street next to the restaurant, to keep them off North Harvard and Western Avenue.



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Our Father's is done already? I had a drink in the adjacent bar once.

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