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Developer proposes to cut amount of parking at proposed Roslindale apartment building, but not because it's suddenly transit oriented

A Milton developer is asking the BPDA to let him reduce the amount of garage parking he has to provide at a 49-unit apartment building between Cummins Highway and American Legion Highway, next to the Stop & Shop, from 61 spaces to 49.

In a filing with the BPDA, an attorney for Diamaid McGregor says that the mechanical stacking system originally proposed for 375 Cummins Highway is no longer manufactured and "there are no alternatives that can provide that level of parking without the loss of much desired green space." He is not proposing any other changes to the building, which won BPDA approval in 2020 and zoning-board approval in 2021.

The filing also says, by the way, that McGregor is now the developer of the project, which was originally proposed by City Realty of Brookline. McGregor bought the almost one-acre parcel from a City Realty LLC, known as A Limited Liability Company, LLC, for $1.85 million in August, according to Registry of Deeds records.



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BTW Diamaid, try doing your due diligence before spending $1.9 Million, especially when dealing with City folks. Marty isn't Mayor anymore.

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The change still accommodates a 1-1 ratio of units to spots. Seems reasonable here.

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The same from City Realty is a tip of the iceberg thing.

Several area developments, some proposed but did not even break ground, went up for sale to deeper pockets in the last year. The selling point was how much the deeper-pocketed investor would make selling the units. This is one of the causations of increasing costs to renting and owning units in this region.

The city council even had a hearing on this last summer.

It seems a property is sold to a developer, they do the leg work and get permits, and some may or may not actually build, then they sell it off at a profit to deeper pocket companies. Those companies take possession and raise rents or condo fees or up the sale price of new units to their liking, driving up the cost to live in Boston.

So the likelihood of prices coming down after the housing shortage is resolved, is quite unlikely. Ask yourself this... when in your lifetime have you ever know a rent to go down. Did your rent ever go down? What was the sale price of your condo 10 years ago? What is it now?

The suggestion that more dwellings will translate to lower costs is not manifest now, nor will it ever.

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People want to live here. Let’s make it so they don’t want to! Get rid of the most dynamic parts of our Boston area economy and then we won’t have to worry about demand for housing. Then we can go back to the good old days. Down with biotech!

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It's money grubbing landlords. I'm not saying all landlords are money grubbing but the newer ones certainly are. They'd rather get that big blast of money monthly than keep their renters long term.

Getting back on topic: How on earth do you miscalculate the number of parking spaces you need in a garage that's part of a brand new building?

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Did you not read the article? It says why they had to change the parking numbers...

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During 2020/peak COVID when all the students left, there was a housing surplus and the rents declined by about 20% on average in Boston. The real answer to the housing issue is requiring the colleges and universities to house their undergrads and allow them to build tall density so that they can.

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All the AirBnB landlords were crying crocodile tears when tourism dried up and they were left on the hook, too. Definitely saw units suddenly going up for longer term rentals "fully furnished!!" with the classic "I bought this all at homegoods" AirBnB look.

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Why should any off-street parking be required by law?

If a developer doesn't want to build it, and future residents are fine living there without it, it's none of the government's business.

Parking should be no more required than an outdoor hot tub or pigsty.

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