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Dispute grows over one family's request to name a Dorchester park playground after their daughter, murdered in the park 40 years ago

The Dorchester Reporter reports on the dispute over possibly renaming a playground at Ronan Park after Maryann Hanley, who was just 11 when she was murdered in the park in 1983 by her older sister's boyfriend.

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Graves are memorials. There is no need to mark the spot where a person was killed as a permanent reminder.

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40 years is not a long time if you were part of her family.

An 11 year old was raped and killed in a park. 11. A fifth grader.

The scum who did this wasn't alone. There were people watching this happen and did not stop it (You know who you are you arsehole because you testified to that in court).

Perhaps if your 11-year-old sister was raped and murdered in a public park, you might feel different about this effort.

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What they feel is what they feel. It's valid and they will have to deal with that. The rest of us don't.

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Do you feel this way about all memorials named after people who were killed or just this one? It's a fucking playground, not the entire park.

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...about ad hoc roadside memorials?

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...but there's probably been someone killed for every mile of highway in the country - probably much more in fact. So, roadside memorials everywhere, regardless of whose land it is and the need to maintain a functioning roadway? If someone is killed on private property, should the mourners be able to erect a memorial on private land?

The article is worth reading, if you haven't done so. It introduces some perspectives that you may not have considered.

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is named for Martin Richard, a young child murdered by the Boston Marathon bombers.

Children and adults can enjoy visiting it, with or without understanding how it got its name.

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The construction of that playground was funded in large part by the foundation formed in Richard's memory while in this case they're just looking to name an existing city playground.

I'm not saying that they shouldn't do it, just that the circumstances are very different.

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Some of the quotes in here are mind-boggling. Matranga’s main take on this is that this crime is “unfair” to her? Some of the comments here aren’t much better.

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