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Do you even carve, bro?

Man challenges turkey, loses

One of these days, men in Dorchester will learn that if you go after a turkey, it will return the favor. And it has velociraptor-like spurs and a beak and you don't. But until then, we'll keep getting videos like the one above, and sagas like the guy forced onto the hood of a car by the turkeys he tried to menace.

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Turkeys are a lot more funny when they're not threatening YOU.

He distracted the turkey and got it to move out of the street so the cars could get by.

I don’t know why people are tying to pin a loss on this gent. He did what he set out to do. No need to go knuckles up with a turkey when there’s nothing left to gain.


But possibly a lot to lose. That tom turkey looked like he was doing some kind of mating dance and if they're anything like drakes (male ducks) then they leave a lot to desire when it comes to consent.

stationary, puffed-up Hokey Pokey with a bit of twirling. This looks like plain ol' aggression against a rival or predatory threat: "GTFO," not "Come hither, baby."

...among birds, only the Anatidae (duck family), and some large flighless birds like ostriches, have penises. Turkeys, like most birds, lack them.

I'm not falling for that and having deep state agents haul me off to the basement prison under the JFK federal building to question me about my internet searches for bird penises.

Everyone walked away intact and unharmed. Maybe the driver and the uh... license plate inspector... both lost a little bit of dignity, but they'll recover quickly.

When the turkeys from Southie chase the turkeys from Dorchester out of town.


Beeping car horn , gunning engine, waving your arms, yelling loudy (obviously easier for a guy). Thos is how you should confront this situation. Running away, turning your back the turkey (and other animals) see that as a sign of weakness.

Turkeys are pedestrians and occasional aerialists. Thus they have the right of way.

Where was this filmed? In front of Pesky pole?

He can't be bargained with.

He can't be reasoned with.

He don't show remorse, or pity, or fear.

And he absolutely will not stop - EVER!

Until you are DEAD!

(Or until he's part of someone's Thanksgiving meal...)

The TLF lives again! Attention all turkeys. Arise! Arise! proud birds; Humans fear you. You have nothing to fear but the carving knife.

how is it that most internet videos are wrong but some are recorded correctly.