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Doctor proposes expanding his practice into a building with 40 apartments on the Hyde Park/Mattapan line

Rendering of proposed new building on River Street

Bird-enhanced rendering by JGE Architecture and Design.

Dr. Jean Bonnet has filed plans with the BPDA to replace his current Hyde Park Health Associates at 745 River St. and a neighboring repair garage with a five-story building with his enlarged and updated medical practice on the first floor and 40 apartments above it.

Bonnet has owned 745 River St. for more than 20 years. He bought 735 River St., currently home to "overgrown, trash filled automobile repair service garage," to help make room for the new building, according to his filing with the BPDA. Registry of Deeds records show he paid $900,000 for the garage lot last May.

Under the proposal, 25 of the units would have two or three bedrooms. Seven of the units would be rented as affordable; roughly two more than would be required under the city's affordable-housing requirements.

The proposal, which anticipates construction time of 18 months, calls for 26 parking spaces.

735-745 River St. filings and meeting schedule.



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I'm sure the former ZBA would have shot it down. It is annoyingly far from the nearest train stations despite being adjacent to the railroad; an infill station there on an improved Fairmount Line would make this a slam dunk. I'll hold my breath on that, though.


A big key to transit for this area is speeding up the bus on Blue Hill Ave by reducing cash payments, putting in bus lanes, or enforcing double-parking rules so cars don't block in the bus stops


...some rumors that the T is opening a station right behind the plaza where Price Rite and Planet Fitness is, with access from both Truman and River St. That would be amazing if they did it.

Where did you hear that?

This isn't far from the Starbucks under construction, which ulis near the new Planet fitness that replaced the dollar general. It's likely to give Cleary and Logan Square a run for their money, especially since parking is via. A suburban style lot for the Starbucks, Planet Fitness and Pricerite. There's a dentist and healthcare facility in that area so those residents are pretty well covered for services. The plaza sold recently and it looks as if they are getting ready to renovate the empty brick building with the smoke stack.