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Dorchester man charged with Academy Homes murder; another suspect still at large

A Dorchester man with a record of gun arrests was charged yesterday on charges he shot Jose Despeignes, 56, to death in an apartment on Weaver Way in Roxbury's Academy Homes development Saturday afternoon, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Austin Dillon, 36, was ordered held without bail at his arraignment today in Roxbury Municipal Court on charges of murder and unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition, third offense, the DA's office reports, adding that police are continuing to search for a second man they say was involved in the murder.

The DA's office provided this account of what happened on the third floor of 109 Weaver Way shortly before 3:30 p.m. on Saturday:

Officers found Despeignes on the third floor suffering from a gunshot wound. Despeignes was pronounced dead at the scene.

A witness told police they were in the residence Saturday afternoon when two men entered through the front door. The witness said one of the men was known to them as 2G. The witness did not recognize the second man. The witness said 2G asked for some marijuana and also asked to take a shower. While the two men and the witness were talking, Despeignes walked down from an upper floor of the residence and handed 2G a “blunt” of marijuana.

The witness said they went upstairs to clean the bathroom. The witness said 2G came up the stairs while the witness was cleaning the bathroom. The witness said they heard a “pop,” which the witness believed to be a gunshot. The witness looked in an adjacent bedroom and observed Despeignes lying on the floor. The witness then ran after 2G and asked why he shot Despeignes. 2G said that he had seen Despeignes leaving his girlfriend’s house the night before.

Further investigation, including video evidence from outside the residence, determined 2G to be Austin Dillon.

Innocent, etc.



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DILLON was scheduled to appear in Dorchester District Court on charges of:

A Firearm Violation with 1 prior Violent Drug/Crime;
Possession of a Firearm Subsequent Offense (4 Counts);
Possession of a Large Capacity Weapon or Feeding Device (3 Counts);
A Possess Firearm in Felony;
Possession of Ammunition without FID Card Subsequent Offense;
Trafficking Cocaine;
Trafficking Heroin;
Possess with Intent to Distribute Class D; and
Receive Stolen Motor Vehicle.


Drugs and addiction are big money to the main suppliers and it's a business that goes hand in hand with guns, murder, homelessness, and economic drain. Government needs a larger DEA and military control on the problem.

Stupid, senseless violence.

Two guys walk in and ask for pot and a shower. Someone runs off to clean the bathroom (why?) and all hell breaks loose. WTF?

These are the fools that we need to keep the guns from.

Popping someone b/c he *thought* the person left his girlfriends house the night before.

I hope that girlfriend dumped his ass regardless, '2G' seems like a creep and over posessive. And if the gun was used on that dude, whose to say it wouldn't be used on you too.

Also "2G" so he's known as EDGE also. And at 2G his brain must not be running that fast.