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East Boston man gets 6 to 10 for drunken high-speed crash that killed one of his passengers

A Suffolk Superior Court judge today sentenced Dylan Etheridge, 26, to 6 to 10 years in state prison for OUI manslaughter for a high-speed crash on Bennington Street in 2019 in which he flipped his car, then ran away as his two passengers lay trapped inside - one of whom died - the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

A Suffolk Superior Court jury convicted Etheridge in Dcembre of OUI resulting in manslaughter, OUI resulting in serious bodily injury and leaving the scene of an accidnt resulting in death.

According to the DA's office:

At about 1:05 a.m. on May 5, 2019, while traveling down Bennington Street in East Boston at a high rate of speed, Etheridge hit several parked cars, causing his vehicle to flip and skid across the roadway, ultimately hitting a concrete barrier and leaving the occupants trapped inside. Etheridge fled the scene prior to the arrival of first responders. Approximately eight hours after the crash detectives learned Etheridge checked himself into Massachusetts General Hospital to seek treatment. The surviving victim spoke with detectives while receiving care at MGH and identified Etheridge as the driver. Blood collected from the steering wheel at the scene was later determined to belong to Etheridge.

Amber Pelletier, 20, of Central Falls, RI, died in the crash. A second female passenger was seriously injured but survived.

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Too lenient a sentence.

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Not long enough. He ran, leaving a car upside down with one girl dead and another left to die. Never called 911, hid out until morning. Nice character. Should be doing at least 15 to 20.

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He got more than the illegally operating truck driver that killed Dr. Kurmann while driving an illegal load did. That driver got pampered, protected, shielded and excuses made for him by the cops while avoiding any and all responsibility!

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From this article: https://peterfurth.sites.northeastern.edu/2018/01/...


This pic, however chilling, appears to show a traffic camera shot of the incident just before it happened. If it's genuine, and from the context (Vision Zero) I believe it is, it shows the truck that hit and killed Dr. Kurmann. The metadata on the pic appears to be correct.

The truck made a wide right hand turn. It appears to be a flatbed with no load on it. So, as bad as it was, there's no reason to embellish it with an apparently false accusation that the truck was 'illegal'. Unless you know something about what the truck was carrying that made it illegal, it appears to be an empty flatbed. There is no mention of it being overweight in the article.

Perhaps you can enlighten us as to what the load consist was that made it illegal.

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Also required to have a flag car and permits for the trip.

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In a court of East Boston made guys.

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….. a great idea (sarcasm).

It could even go the other way. They might even decide that drivers shouldn’t have to obey speed limits and drunk driving laws, see themselves in him and let him off. Even offer consolation for all the guilt he must be feeling.

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It just so happens he was sprinting in the opposite direction.

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East Boston made guys


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who hasn't sped while shattered through the streets with your friends, Roadrunner on the radio?

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you'd better pull over.

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