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The empty city

Centre Street in Jamaica Plain on March 24, 2020

An empty Centre Street in Jamaica Plain on March 24, 2020, by Liz Lemongrab.

Three years ago, the streets, trains and parks of the Boston area were largely empty, as people stayed home as the pandemic exploded. Photographers across the region, though, did venture out to chronicle the newly formed voids.

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These amazing photos speak to the numerous losses we sustained on so many levels in part due to government ineptitude.


or a global pandemic?


See adamg’s comment below.

for not immediately knowing how to handle a global pandemic the likes of which no one had seen in living memory.


Dead plants and calendars frozen in March 2020 all the way down.

Just a brutal months long indoor stretch for kids and adults.

Back in the early days, nobody knew just how easily it spread.

And in any case, people didn't just stay inside, even if they couldn't go to playgrounds.

At least around here, there were a fair number of sort of kiddie bingo trails organized, where kids and their parents could walk around their neighborhood looking for pictures of things posted in people's windows.


About once a month I had to venture to my company's office to handle the mail/payments and I remember biking in during the early months of the pandemic and feeling like I was in "I Am Legend" or "38 Days Later" or something.

Everything more quiet than usual and definitely far fewer cars.