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Everett brush fire sends smoke billowing into the sky, delays service on one commuter-rail line

Everett brush fire

Greg Cook watched as firefighters tried to douse a two-alarm brush fire behind the Everett Michael's this afternoon.

E spotted the smoke from Admiral's Hill in Chelsea:

Brush fire in Everett

E also saw the smoke in the Seaport.

The fire caused significant delays on the Newburyport/Rockport commuter line.



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under Route 16, connecting the shopping center to the Northern Strand in Everett. Is it possible that construction workers accidentally started this fire?

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All the stuff that dried up and fell off trees or dried up and died at the end of the fall is easy to ignite.

My bet is that someone flung a ciggie. But sometimes this stuff can spontaneously combust if it gets a good rotting on.

(paranoid abuse of imagination on local pages "heard it was a homeless camp caught fire" or "I bet high school kids were cooking heroin back there" with no sourcing ... this is the tucker brain parasite/lead poisoning pandemic we are dealing with)

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Kind of surprising that it was dry enough to cause so much smoke. I thought we've had a pretty wet period recently?

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