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FAA investigates lasers beamed at planes landing at Logan

WFXT reports the FAA is looking into reports of two JetBlue airliners getting tagged by green lasers early Thursday morning.

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The brighter laser pointers, easily obtainable for short money, are easily bright enough to do permanent damage to the eye.

Calling them "Laser blinding weapons" is neither hysteria nor boot-licking copaganda.

Personally, I'd like to see the book thrown at anybody trying to tag airplanes with them.


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if a civilian aircraft can be put in jeopardy by a laser device that costs only a few dollars, then so can a fighter jet or Air Force One. What does the Air Force do to stop enemies shining lasers in our pilots' eyes? Why can't civilian pilots use the same technology?

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are permitted to shoot back?

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There are defenses against laser blinding weapons. Think of the welders helmet whose glass instantly darkens when an arc is struck, only fancier and more high tech. They are expensive and cumbersome

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ħen oll uv a sudden getting blīnded by a red lazər.

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