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Family of 14-year-old girl finds iPhone taped to airplane toilet

Associated Press reports on American Airlines Flight 1441 from Charlotte to Logan, in which the girl was directed by a crew member to use a first-class lavatory - in which "a largely obscured iPhone had been affixed to the back of the toilet seat."

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Well that should be easy enough to track who that iPhone belongs to.

That IME number!

*rolls eyes* @ how stupid these folks are.

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It's pretty clearly the flight attendant's phone. He saw her going to the restroom in coach, told her she could use the one in first class, went in first to "wash his hands", told her the seat was "broken but it's fine", waited for her to come out, then went in afterwards again.

Like...this criminal mastermind really thought he fooled her...

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The guy blatantly taped his phone, with the flashlight on, to the back of the toilet seat. The idea someone wouldn't immediately notice this -- particularly a teenager -- is laughable.

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One that doesn't involve flying.

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Before I thought peeper.

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