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Feds won't pay to move the turnpike in Allston

The Globe reports Washington has rejected a state request to pay like $1.2 billion towards plans to rebuild and relocate the overhead stretch of the Massachusetts Turnpike in the area of where the Allston/Cambridge tolls used to be.

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It's a rounding error on their endowment.

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what Larry Summers lost for Harvard in credit default swaps.

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kennedy got us how much for the big-dig.

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And when you start to look at other transit projects for other states since then. We're due again.

Remember the $ for the big dig was allocated in 1983, a decade before a shovel was ever in the ground for the work. And 20 years before a car ever drove thru it.

It's been 20 years since that first car drove thru it. We are due for some mega funding.

Just sayin...

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Is missing the words "back Massachuetts" between "pay" and "to."

You know, because Massachusetts is a net payer of federal funds.

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It strains credulity that in the year of our lord 2023 we are seeking to sink billions of dollars into a project that maintains and expands our auto-centric infrastructure for another two generations.

I’m glad the DOT (an executive branch agency, so please stop blaming our Congressional delegation!) rejected this 1950’s style proposal.

Reduce vehicle lanes, expand the riverfront, invest in a true intermodal transit facility including activating rapid transit on the Grand Junction right of way, and make a deep commitment to supporting active mobility.

Our revised proposal should be for a project we can look back on with pride fifty years from now. The project as currently proposed would be a source of shame in a civilized society!

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should just WFH.

We need more empty glass towers.

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The alternative if this doesn't eventually get federal funding is either decades of expensive band-aids or the cheaper rebuild the existing viaduct in place.

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And Santa will come down from the sky hand in hand with Jesus and hand out cookies to everyone!

The proposal was squarely in the 80s. Not getting federal funding is going to send MADOT back to their original, worse, "the same but awful" 1950s plan. There is 0 appetite or will to do any kind of modern plan that involves eliminating cars.

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That will teach those Donald Trump denying Democrats in Massachusetts. How dare they not elect his "Rule with an Iron Fist" candidate. You'll get no money from us! /s

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