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Fight night in the North End

While kids at South Bay and Downtown Crossing were getting all the police and media attention, kids over at the St. Anthony's Feast in the North End were busy brawling it up down by Langone Park on Commercial Street late Saturday.

The Herald reports rowdy, sometimes drunken teens caused problems bad enough that police temporarily shut the festival Saturday evening - and that when one teen began flailing her arms to try to avoid being detained, another teen tried to body slam the cop to help her friend get away.

The two were arrested for assault and battery on a police officer. However, unlike the incident outside the AMC theater on Tremont Street, where a cop was also attacked, police did not issue a press release about the arrests.

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There's still some wiggle room for not releasing a press statement after this event. It is a well known festival that can get rowdy and have drunk a-holes, and there's already a lot of police on scene. The incidents outside the AMCs were random and unconnected to a public festival and warranted a community bulletin.

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It was not unpredictable.

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**inserts Miranda Cosgrove as iCarly sitting at computer thinking.gif**

However, unlike the incident outside the AMC theater on Tremont Street, where a cop was also attacked, police did not issue a press release about the arrests.

and I wonder why that is......

No seriously. Why is that?

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In one incident, drunks got into a brawl at a festival where there are a lot of other drunks and a strong police presence already.

In the other set of events, brawls broke out randomly and unexpectedly in areas with little police presence, to which many officers needed to be diverted to respond. In this case, a public bulletin seems warranted.

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that excuse only works so far.

Police were attacked. I think that's newsworthy enough to release a statement. No matter who did it.

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The police did report that there were problems with out of town teens at the feast.

However, there is a big difference between the north end episode and a mob surrounding, pushing and pulling at a cop to knock him down, multiple people kicking him on the ground, and then another member of the mob grabbing another officer from behind in a chokehold to prevent the defense of his comrade. Meanwhile others in the mob took video and riled up others, and disobeyed orders to disperse.

In contrast, at a feast two weeks ago, when a teen tried to fight an officer trying to arrest him, members of the crowd aided the officer.

The mob scenes create total lawlessness, and if not stopped will drag the entire city down to a point that it will take decades to recover from.

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So you screen-grabbed Stanley Forman's photo, "The Soiling of Old Glory", of Joseph Rakes and Ted Landsmark at the City Hall anti-busing demonstration.

I fail to see the relevance. That "lawlessness" took place in Boston almost fifty years ago?

Ok. Yup. Sure did. Bravo.

You gained your desired attention by copying and pasting a powerful, Pulitzer winning example.

Now let's all return to this millennium before you dig up some 19th century jaw droppers.

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Nice use of an iconic image. Most of us associate that image with a negative connotation, which is why you used it. So I am confused as to why it makes an appearance now? It almost highlights the other comments point. This sort of quasi organized lawlessness impact lasting damage on a community. What happened at that time, in that image caused a lot of pain and suffering the community is still suffering from it. What has been happening with out of control youth in the community , along with all the other exploding urban issues at places like Mass/Cass, will have a profound impact on the community as well. Neither is ok.

I think it would be useful for everyone if you explained why you are using this image in particular and how it pertains to this case in particular? When you use powerful images like this to make a point that is not related at all you water down the future uses of that same image. People become desensitized to it and when it is used for something relevant people roll their eyes.

I presume you shared this to try to highlight some sort of racial discord. What you fail to recognize or mention is that the situations at places like South Bay impact POC communities much more than they impact white suburban moms in Medford. I had friends who went to their local movie house to watch Mario and Barbie with their kids because $4 movies worked with their budget and they had to be evacuated out of the area like it was some sort of warzone.

I am sure you are a lovely person but you do not know the pain these parents and families feel that they have to shield their children from this. They do not have the option to simply get up and leave. They don't want to either, they have family there they have friends. Their support network is there. I am sure you will tell some story about how back in 1994 you worked in some food pantry in Roxbury or your kids volunteer for some youth soccer league in Mattapan or your third cousin twice removed knew a guy who was black to show how you uniquely get this unlike anyone else reading these blogs but I do hope you consider the damage that you do when you are trying to show how snarky you are.

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That photo is based on actions motivated by bigotry. The mobs at Southbay and AMC Boston were not based on bigotry.

What matters is what led to the mobs coming into being in the first place. One thing is easy to guess: mass communication via texts, chats and instant message systems. The same technology that supported the attempted coup by Trump.

So instead of making a false comparison how about focusing on the conditions and technologies that led to the formation of mobs.

Anyone with any degree of historical education knows that mobs are nothing new. Hell, mobs are easy to find in the Bible. Some mobs we praise: The Tea Party (some are worthy of condemnation, the Koch bred and fed Tea Party). We also know that mobs generate actions and behaviors that individuals might not perform. Violent actions.

So instead of making a false comparison, how about offering consideration and insight into how to prevent mobs such as what happened at Southbay and at the cinemas at the Common from happening again?

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I mean no disrespect Adam but could it be that there are constant issues at South Bay and downtown crossing?

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Surely, nothing like what happened at Langone Park on Saturday has ever happened before.

Except, well, it has.

"There were roving bands," Sgt. Det. Robert Mulvey said. "They were young punks ... There was an invasion of them."

But that was in 2017. Surely everything has run smoothly since, Saturday night excepted. Nope.

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It's because the Herald leaps to coverage of incidents of black/brown residents, whereas those of dlrect or indirect Italian descent only get coverage if they brandish a gun while riding a bicycle?

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I assume your reference is to Patrick Mendoza, who runs the Monica's restaurant group in the North End with his brothers. The name "Mendoza" is typically of Spanish descent, not Italian. The brothers actually immigrated to the U.S. from Argentina.

See Monica's Bio

So obviously I don't have a definitive answer as to this shooter's heritage -- only some info that may carry a tad more weight than your prejudiced assumption of it because he owns a business in the North End.

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"I mean no disrespect, but" is a sure sign that disrespect of some kind is about to happen.

(to be clear, I don't believe you're disrespecting Adam, but a demographic.)

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You only agreed with a plan to "visit" a Boston City Councilor after his refusal to vote yes to a non-binding toothless rent freeze resolution.

Keep walking. You have no credibility on anything.

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When are you taking responsibility for those abelist posts you made?

Clam up, etc.

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I called my vinyl albums Spin-O-Rama Spins because they just kept skipping and saying the same thing over and over again.

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Magoo was involved in this brawl. Magoo saw an evil doer brawling and sneakily crawled right behind the evil doer. Magoo’s henchperson then pushed the evil doer so the evil doer tripped over Magoo. Magoo then ran away in circles saying woo woo woo woo. Magoo.

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another teen tried to body slam the cop

Visited the Herald site hoping for more details on the body slam but it appears they walked it back.

Boston police arrested at least five Saturday for underage drinking at the St. Anthony’s Feast in the North End, including one who “ran” into a cop in an attempt to prevent the arrest of another juvenile.

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The yoof downtown also dragged two people to the ground, beat them, and robbed them.

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Fists of fury broke out all over the city with huge brawls involving hundreds of youths. The one exception and safest location in the city was the much maligned MBTA which had no incidents to report. How do they manage to keep the underground so safe?

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All of these incidents are bad

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(Boy) teens being dumb and dumberer

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...and I raised two white kids. If they ever behaved this way I would turn them in myself! I attended the feasts last year, it was white, privileged, drunken, disrespectful college punks that caused a traditional Italian band to cease playing because of kids throwing things at them and generally being entitled shits.

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