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Finally: The perfect house for somebody who loves the Red Line

78 Glendale St. in Dorchester seems like just the place for a large family, with seven bedrooms and three bathrooms. And one Red Line room. Scroll through the interior photos at that link. Keep scrolling. It'll hit you: A wall-size mural of a Red Line train, only one that then extends into the hallway with a door that lets you enter a "train" room that looks like what you'd get if you turned a Red Line car into a room (only with a giant circled F instead of a T).

Via Ari Ofsevit.

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Well, that's one way to make the Red Line seem convenient. The house is actually steps away from the Fairmount line.

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Meh. That is all. Magoo.

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is a few more paper towel dispensers.

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Sounds like a wonderful program. Does them selling the house mean that it moved elsewhere? I hope it didn’t end/close as it sounds like very important services for post foster care.

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The page on their website that was specifically for Putnam Place goes to 404 now and I can't find anything relevant elsewhere on their site. In last year's financials, they mentioned merging Putnam Place staff and training with another group home that they run. I have to wonder if that wasn't just training wheels for letting go of Putnam Place completely and moving the staff to their other location. So, it's possible they're only running one location now. But hopefully whatever they get for the sale of that house will go towards improving their services elsewhere.

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ah ha!

a few of the pictures I was like... this screams 'group home' or this was an office or something because of the pic in the living room with all the security camera stuff.

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