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Fire-ravaged kosher bakery in South Brookline hopes to re-open soon

Cheryl-Ann's Bakery,1010 West Roxbury Parkway, long known for its challah, bubkes, rugalach and other kosher baked goods, reports it hopes to re-open this spring, more than a year after a fire forced it shut:

This was considered a rebuild we have to bring everything up to code …along with delayed equipment this, unfortunately, has taken much longer than anticipated…we look forward to seeing you all soon



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Are you from New York or someplace?

It's in Putterham.

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Yes, I'm from New York, yes, Cheryl-Ann's is in Putterham Circle and yes, according to the Brookline Historical Society and Brookline PD, Putterham is part of South Brookline.

I will allow how, just like that strip mall down on the Boston side of Independence Drive, it is NOT Chestnut Hill.

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There are no official boundaries of South Brookline (or of Putterham or most Brookline neighborhoods). There IS an official boundary of Chestnut Hill. It's the one used by the Post Office -- Zip Code 02467 -- and it includes parts of Brookline, Newton, and Boston. https://www.unitedstateszipcodes.org/02467/ - Ken Liss, Brookline Historical Society.

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