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Flipped car jams up traffic in Chelsea

Flipped car on Washington Avenue in Chelsea with firefighters nearby

Matt Frank happened upon this wrecked, flipped car on Washington Avenue between Cary Square and Rte. 16 in Chelsea around noon, and reports it caused traffic jamming for about 45 minutes.



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What a jerk.

I am sure Matt will correct me but. Gonna take a wild guess that this car was speeding and hit one of the speed tables along Washington Ave, then went flying.

Even at low speeds you can lift up pretty easily (mbta buses going 5mph amazingly do this)

They are doing what they are suppose to.. slow people down, except in this case.

I didn't see any marks to indicate it slid and the bumps aren't close to this spot so I'm not sure if that's it. I've been trying to figure out what happened or how fast it might have been going. I haven't seen any follow up online.

I would say that the fact it has a big decal on the back saying "Need for speed" is not exactly going to help their cause with insurance and the authorities. It's kind of like being caught with a knife covered in red liquid around the corner from a stabbing. Sure it could be beet juice ala Dwight Shrute but it's not a good situation to be in

Its the opposite extreme of DWA, where the driver goes 15 in a 30 MPH zone, while four backseat drivers constantly yack about the GPS. With DWL you go at least twice the speed limit, ignore all signs and signals, and never ever look in a mirror.


Maybe he was looking at his cell phone and not the road.

I've seen video of a relatively low-speed collision where the car just slowly and gracefully turns over. I think it has to be a somewhat unusual collision geometry, though.

I believe it can also happen in a single-vehicle accident if the driver swerves and then overcorrects.