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Former Boston adult-ed exec gets 2-3 years for embezzlement

A Suffolk Superior Court judge yesterday sentenced former Boston Center for Adult Education Executive Director Susan Brown, 70, of Marblehead, to two to three years in state prison for embezzling funds from the group over nine years, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Judge Joshua Wall also ordered Brown to repay $250,000 by the end of the month to what's left of the non-profit, which no longer offers classes.

A jury found Brown guilty of one count of larceny over $1,200, one count of forgery, one count of forgery of a document and one count of falsifying entry in corporate books last month.

In addition to the money she kept for herself, Brown funneled $80,000 to another Marblehead resident for work that woman never did.

In September, Mark Mitchell, 53, the group's comptroller, pleaded guilty to sucking some $1.5 million out of its coffers - roughly $900,000 for himself and the rest for organizations he was involved in. He got 18 months.

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… adult education for her.