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Former North End restaurant owner to remain behind bars through at least May on charges he tried to murder somebody on Hanover Street

A Suffolk Superior Court judge ruled today that Patrick Mendoza, 54, remains a potential threat to society, enough so that she ordered him held without bail until at least May 1.

Mendoza, who has been held without bail since his arrest in July, faces seven counts for an incident outside Modern Pastry on Hanover Street, in which he allegedly shot at somebody he could no longer stand three times as he chased the man around a parked car, before the victim was able to run away. Mendoza then also fled the scene by pedaling his bicycle down Hanover towards the Greenway, officials say.

Mendoza disappeared for several days, before giving himself up at a Cape Cod substance-abuse center.

Mendoza had owned Monica's Trattoria on Prince Street. Following his arrest, the Boston Licensing Board ordered the restaurant shut, because it effectively no longer had a manager. Mendoza signed the restaurant over to his wife and son, who promoted a restaurant employee to manager, after which the board let the restaurant re-open.

In a statement, DA Kevin Hayden said:

This is an appropriate ruling given the extreme danger of Mr. Mendoza’s actions, which occurred in one of the city’s busiest areas and on one of its busiest streets. To fire shots on any Boston street is intolerable, but add the fact that this area is packed with tourists, diners and residents at all times of the year - and even more so during the summer season - and the danger level ratchets up even higher.

Innocent, etc.



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Maybe this judge can start a trend !

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