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A four-story residential building wins approval on East Eagle Street in East Boston

Rendering of proposed East Eagle Street building

Rendering by Context.

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved plans to replace a triple decker at 221 East Eagle St. in East Boston with a new four-story, six-unit condo building with six parking spaces and an elevator.

Although older buildings on the block are technically three stories, they tend to have the first floor elevated above the basement and the street level, while the new building would have its entrance right at ground level, for accessibility reasons, so it would not be any taller than the existing triple deckers or newer four-story buildings on the street, attorney Richard Lynds said. The builidng needed several zoning variances, including for height - the lot's zoning called for no more than three stories.

Lynds said owner Jose Carlos Medeiros latest plans show some green space to the rear of the building, unlike earlier proposals for the lot, which showed the building extending further back.

Several nearby residents spoke in favor of the proposal, citing the addition of both new homes and parking spaces for them.

The board voted 5-2 in favor; members Hansy Better Barraza and David Aiken cast the no votes.



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