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Globally inspired tapas could replace Italian food at former Jeveli's in East Boston

Omar and Brandon Melendez

Omar and Brandon Melendez.

Update: Approved.

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to let an East Boston father and son buy the liquor license of the closed Jeveli's, 387 Chelsea St. in East Boston, to open a 218-seat restaurant dedicated to tapas based on cuisines from around the world.

At a hearing today, Brandon Melendez said he and his father Omar and manager Andrea Rueda are planning a globe-spanning small-plates menu for their restaurant, Rose, that would feature such dishes as croquettes, fish tacos, octopus and plantains covered in bacon - or as he put it, "a whole other vibe" for a space that had dished up traditional Italian fare for more than 90 years, before it closed at the start of the pandemic in 2020.

The restaurant will be split into three dining rooms, including a 47-seat "Presidential" room.

Nobody spoke in opposition at today's hearing.



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The "Presidential Room" monicker at the erstwhile Jeveli's comes from when Bill Clinton made a quick stop there in the 90s when he was president. I should know, I was stuck on a 120 bus on Bennington Street while traffic was stopped the entire time he was in there. I'm glad the potential new owners plan to keep the name of the room. Jeveli's was an institution in East Boston and at least something will live on.

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Where are the last of the old-school living-museum Italian places I need to visit before they go extinct?

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Can't we have a great place to eat without nothing too fancy! Just want to hang out, have a few drinks, some food and go home?? Long Live Terminal J..miss it

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Keep jevelis

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