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Globe to start Camberville beat

Dan Kennedy gets the scoop: The Globe is planning to bolster its coverage of Boston suburbs in general, with two editors and four reporters - and with one of those editors and reporters assigned specifically to what the honchos call "Cambridge and Somerville - Camberville if you will." Or Cambridge Day turf.

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How long until the Globe hires some people to start covering Boston?

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Nearly two decades after ceasing publication of the City Weekly section.

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It's amazing how little Cambridge Day actually covers. Teachers in Cambridge have been holding protests over a lack of contract and removal of Equity and DEI measures in the district over the last year, as well as lagging pay (Cambridge routinely tops lists of most expensive places to rent/own; yet doesn't even rank in the top #30 for teacher pay in the state); but almost no coverage, whatsoever. They've been basically been using their 'news' section to help get bodies to zoning meetings.

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looks to me like an all-volunteer effort. I am glad they are around, because the Cambridge Chronicle has pretty much abandoned any local coverage.

Would you consider writing the story you want to read?

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How does Cambridge manage to be near the top for per-student spending, but so low for teacher pay? Are there more teachers per student? Or just more administrators?

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Most of the money stays in the pocket of the Superintendent, School Committee, and higher admin. The Super says there was no money to fix roofs in two buildings this year, yet plenty of money to hire herself a second assistant with a 195k salary.

As for everyone saying 'just write an opinion letter': we have. Multiple teachers and concerned parents have written in, but it seems they never get published. *shrug*

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Other than some occasional Crimson stories they're all we got in this news desert of Cambridge, so I'm grateful. It's basically been run as a free one man operation for years and is now trying to re-organize as a non-profit and hire some more reporters.

Also, they'll probably print your letter to the editor complaining about lack of coverage of Cambridge education issues if you submit it there.

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Breaking those hard hitting PR stories, A journalists journalist.

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The Globe has also added subsections for MetroWest, South Shore, and Gateway Cities to the Metro Section but no stories.

It would be good if the additional two editors and four reporters could find Quincy and Plymouth and points in between without referencing Google Maps.

And just an aside, the South Shore has some decent restaurants, maybe the Globe's restaurant critics could leave Cambridge and check them out.

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Steel yourself for a barrage of pieces describing disputes over candles and wood fired grills in restaurants.

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Back in the newspaper glory days before the internet, my father Paul Hirshson had the Cambridge beat for a while. He grumbled about having to sit through city council meetings.

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The only people who use "Camberville" are Somerville residents who wished they lived in Cambridge.

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