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Globe to try its hand at broadcast news again

One of the nation's most competitive broadcast-news markets - where else will you find dueling NPR newsrooms? - will soon get a new competitor: The Globe announced today it's staring a daily half-hour newscast this spring with NESN that will cover both news and sports.

Segun Oduolowu will host or anchor Boston Globe Today, which will air at 5 p.m., and, of course, will also be available to stream, for folks who are not glued to their couches then watching Ed and Maria.

The Globe did not say if Oduolowu will be moving to Boston or if he will work out of his home in Jersey City. In any case, the Globe says:

Boston Globe Today will provide an in-depth perspective on stories from the Globe’s newsroom, offering a deeper dive of major news, politics, business, and entertainment stories and how they impact New Englanders.

The show will be streamed from a new studio the Globe is building in its offices on State Street downtown.

The Globe started looking at its latest foray into broadcast in 2021.

In 2010, the Globe broadcast Globe Today, but that was only 90 seconds long.

Going even further back, in 1966, a joint venture owned by the Globe and the defunct Kaiser Broadcasting Co. started up WKBG-TV on channel 56, after buying rights to the frequency from a Cambridge station. The station broadcast Celtics and Bruins away games. Kaiser-Globe also owned elevator-music station WJIB-FM and tiny WCAS in Cambridge. The Globe pulled out of the venture in 1974.

In 2012, when WFNX folded, boston.com snapped up some of its DJs and tried alternative-rock radio.

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just hire more local reporters to fill out a thin paper/website that is allegedly profitable instead of wasting money on a product no one is going to watch?

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