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Good news of the day: Pickleball not loud enough to cause hearing damage

Northeastern Global News interviews Nicole Laffan, assistant clinical professor at Bouvé College of Health Sciences, who says the constant sound of pickleballs being hit is not enough to harm your hearing, although she allowed how it might drive you crazy, especially if you have a headache already.

Also, it shares something in common with repeated Turkey in the Straw coupled with a crazed lady yelling "HELLO!":

While pickleball noise does not yet fall under torture devices under international law, it does have something in common with torture - its listeners feel powerless to stop it.



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…. is deafening.
I have yet to experience the sound of pickle ball.

I have heard and gagged on the emissions from those grass mowing weed whacking leaf blowing things and they are enough to feed my fear of banishment to the suburbs.

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