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Grimm situation at the Globe resolved

John Carroll reports he could not believe his eyes the other day when the Globe replaced "Mother Goose and Grimm" with one of those depressing strips about 20somethings being depressing.

The Globe's Kevin Slane, though, reports the venerable strip is back today.

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Is Doonesbury. I need to keep up with current events, like this new “Titanic” film that’s driving the girls wild.


Spiro Agnew!

Is the only comic that matters.


Pardon my Planet has been running since 1996, and Mother Goose and Grimm started in 1984. How about the Globe tries to find a comic that's newer than the Clinton administration?

Some of us are perfectly fine paying $3.50 to read comics that were made in the 1990s.

Now, if you don't mind, I want to see what today's "For Better or For Worse" strip is about.


I'm still waiting for another riveting strip of Apartment 3G.

You know where its later that same afternoon in 1961.....


fox trot ?

If they still ran B.C and Hagar the Horrible I might pay $3.50 every week.

Actualky would be awesome if they ran some old stuff and just repeated it. Through in some random Spy v Spy and I’m all in.

Edit: The Wizard of Id would need to be included as well...

It's about time someone spoke up about the tyranny these boomer industries like (checks notes) daily comic strips in the newspaper. When's gonna be our time Lord?

Psst, just go get Keith Knight's strips.

that conservatives don't understand how humor works.


Mother Goose and Grimm hasn't been edgy since the 1980's. Back then it was a bit topical and also written/drawn by a different guy. I didn't miss it one bit for the couple of days it was gone and was willing to give the new strip a chance.

Now let's talk about their Sunday selection in which Jump Start (only shown on Sundays) typically inserts you into a world where you neither know the characters or what's going on.

While I initially hated Six Chix, the quality of the humor and the illustration has been getting better, so maybe it will survive.

Despite it's ever growing cast, it's a decent strip, but yeah, getting it one day a week is very confusing.

But again, why are we getting very dated Doonesbury strips daily while the likes of Jump Start is consigned to Sundays?

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