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Heath Street in Jamaica Plain flooded after main breaks; water so high BFD had to bring in a special water-rescue truck

Flooded Jamaica Plain street

A 36-inch BWSC water main under Heath Street burst early this morning, flooding Heath, Walden and Minden streets.

The Boston Fire Department reports it brought in its "high water rescue vehicle" and sent firefighters in survival suits into houses to check for anybody who might have been trapped.

Water, water everywhere (photo by BFD):

Flooding in Jamaica Plain

BWSC reports it had to shut off three mains at first to try to figure out which one had cracked open.



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Looking at Google Maps and the stairs that the water is flowing down is at the corner of Minden and Schiller St near Walden St.


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Waldron, which BFD specified, is at the other end of Heath from Walden and Minden. I'd chalk it up to being knee deep in water at 6 a.m. ... But I've changed the reference.

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We look more and more like London every day.

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Two feet high and rising.

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Interesting California simulation.

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I was watching Channel 7 News on Sunday and at least one basement was completely filled with water mere inches from the ceiling. That's some serious flooding.

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