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Hub lawyer to oversee prosecution of war crimes in Kosovo

Associated Press reports that Kimberly West, a partner in the Boston office of the Ashcroft law firm, has been named chief prosecutor of a European Union court in the Hague that is investigating and trying people for crimes against humanity in the former Serbian province.

West had previously served a part of a UN prosecution team that put Serbian war criminal Radovan Karadzic away for life.

She replaces Jack West, who is now busy in Washington investigating possible crimes by the nation's only twice-impeached former president.

In Boston, West had served as chief of the criminal bureau for the state Attorney General's office, after stints as an assistant US attorney in Boston in that office's health-care fraud and anti-terrorism and national security units.



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Working to investigate and prosecute war criminals is grueling work and emotionally draining. Props to Ms. West for her past and upcoming work going after those who commit crimes against humanity.

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Nah, that will never happen.

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