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It's full speed ahead on the Mattapan Line, well, mostly

The MBTA announced this morning it's lifted most of the speed restrictions on the Mattapan Line, but adds it still has "block restrictions where necessary," so not quite 100% back to being the Mattapan High-ish Speed Line.

Fans of more leisurely trolley rides can still hop on the Green Line, which remains a "global" slow zone as inspectors continue to look for both new track problems and old ones that the T isn't sure if they were actually fixed.



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Actually, based on my experience yesterday, the "entirety of the Green Line", to quote the T, is not in fact a slow zone. I think the T just doesn't want to be bothered with itemizing what is and is not slow.

A trip from from Copley to Park yesterday was a full speed all the way. It was quite enjoyable.

On the other hand a trip from Fields Corner to JFK yesterday was excruciatingly slow for the entirety of the trip. About half of the remaining trip from JFK to Park was mixed slow and fast. Yesterday morning the T was showing approximately 40 minutes between inbound Ashmont trains

...South Station, Broadway, and Andrew was still at a crawl, for the most part, a few days ago, as it has been for a while now.

But here we are with the brand new GLX, a project decades in the making and opened only 3 months ago, and they can't confirm the tracks meet specifications?

People might think they'd be better just biking instead. Too bad they haven't opened the finished and ready-to-use adjacent bike path. Nothing is out of spec on that one, just apparently some contractual bickering between Somerville and the state.

I'm not blaming Healey for any of this but she sure doesn't seem to be in a rush to fix it.


Wasn't the GLX the project that the T fired their old chief safety officer over? For doing his job?

We don't want to embarrass the MBTA by having bicyclists and even joggers outrunning the trains.


Or old people with walkers. Or snails. Or glaciers.

...but as a commuter who takes the trolley and the Red Line, the (ancient) trolley has always seemed the more reliable of the two. Now, it may be the quicker of the two as well.

If they put speed restrictions on the B line, would anybody really notice the difference?