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It's like the Red Line keeps stepping on rakes, this time a train in Quincy had trouble with brakes

The MBTA reports 25-minute delays on the Braintree branch even after workers managed to dispose of a train "which had its brakes activated," and not in a good way, at North Quincy.

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Can we be at risk for developing anger issues and loss of verbal filter in public after putting up with MBTA's perpetual abuse of us riders for years, and now more than ever? Because I'm feeling it at least on the Orange Line and from the look of fellow riders' faces and behaviors. Yeah definitely taking a toll on everyone every day.

The Red Line trains are chintzy, resulting in brake problems at Quincy.

Having taking the commuter rail and ferry over the past year, I subjected myself to the Red Line yesterday, and it was a complete fail. One hour to get from south station to Quincy Adams?? I could have driven home from Boston in less time it took me on the T. And that includes the horrific traffic yesterday.

Screw that, back to the commuter rail and the ferry for me.


Nice reference. For the uninitiated…