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Jamaica Plain council candidate forum will give you something to chew on

Jamaica Plain News reports that District 6 (Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury, Mission Hill) candidates Ben Weber and William King will meet in a forum Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. at Casa Verde in Jamaica Plain that will also feature an all-you-can eat lunch for $2.



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I wouldn't pay a $1 for it.

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One of the coziest bars in JP imo.

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After the JPP tarnished their stellar reputation backing a two incumbents a couple of months ago.

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Also, according to the linked article, this forum is being hosted by the Jamaica Plain Business and Professional Association, which I’m guessing is about as ideologically orthogonal to the JPP as you are likely to find.

(hey, the district 5 candidates should do one of these - Napper Tandys has plenty of space.)

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There wasn’t a spare seat but no one stood except the organizers. The two candidates gave almost identical answers. The last question from the crowd was, what are your differences? Weber said he’s not endorsed by the police association because he wants civilian flaggers and wants social workers to respond to mental health calls. But then King corrected him and said he supported social workers responding. So I guess the only difference between the two candidates is Weber wants civilian flaggers on details and King wants the BPD.

Here are my notes typed on a small phone with two thumbs, please excuse the brevity and typos and I missed a good chunk of stuff.

Both support rent stabilization. Weber supports rent control for small businesses to help prevent empty storefronts

Mass and Cass
Weber wants the region to step in and not just be us. King opposes the move to shattuck since its just shifting the problem to Franklin Park

More restrictive liquor licenses
King wants more of the licenses especially to people of color. The resale is located in mostly white areas. Mattapan Egleston deserves the same thing.
Weber also supports. Also mentions racial equity.

MBTA acreage at Arborway yards
Electric bus depot and 8 acres. The MBTA is offering 6.3 acres. Weber wants the whole 8 acres. MBTA can find another spot for salt box. King says just because a different administration promised it doesn’t mean it’s not valid. We need green space. Wants to make sure

E bikes
King wants to make sure infrastructure that reduces combustion engine reliance. E cars and e bikes wants bike lanes so people feel safe. Wants to expand all modes of transportation and alternative modes of transportation.

Wants expansion of bike line. Supports West Roxbury changes. Support bikes but wants regulations to ensure the batteries are safe. Wants a loaner e bike to include helmets. Promotes access to e bikes and helmets.

Dog parks
Weber has two dogs supports creating parks like in the southwest corridor. Flaherty park plan moving forward.

King loves dogs, has rescue, has two dogs. Think lack of dog parks is crazy. Thinks there should be more parks. At Millennium Oark people take dogs off lash is common. Not charges for park memberships

Local businesses
King thinks the 21st century foods eviction is horrible mentions tenant protection. Supports the idea of tenant protections for small businesses wants to do everything to support small businesses.

Loves Purple Cactus wants 21st century to stay. Wants protections and mentions grants from the city. Would offer lawyers services

Supporting local bikes
Weber City supports Blue Bikes, what about local bikes shops. Put a curb on the blue bikes.

King is a supporter of biking and loves riding bikes since a kid. Neither candidate really thought about Blue Bikes putting local bike shops out of business. Thinks city needs to look at programs, like vouchers for bike repairs or new bikes.

Market Basket above MBTA busyard ??

King thinks it would cool. King thinks a good use of space. He would supported.

Weber says two story yard with solar panels. Anything with solar panels is okay with it.

Do you have any differences?
Weber mentions police, civilians floggers and social workers on mental health calls. Mentioned being a workers rights attorney parent, BPS parent, soccer coach, JPNC.

King mentioned he’s for social workers in the right situation. Is for alternative responses. King comes from a poor family and went through the BOS system. Knows from experience what people are going through. Saw people shot in the street and lost sister to drug overdose at 15.

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