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Jamaica Plain needs more trash receptacles, committee says

The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council's Public Service Committee says the neighborhood needs more trash receptacle along Centre Street and the north side of Jamaica Pond because of slobs who can't hold onto their trash until they find one or get home, the Jamaica Plain Gazette reports.



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Those seem like normal enough concerns except for the Rock Salt part.

How is it that only now is the use of rock salt on the roads and sidewalks by the city an issue for dogs? For the past 65 years of my life this was never an issue. Was there a new research study done or is it that dogs are being anthropomorphized now more than ever before? Dogs are not your 'babies" they are your pets. Why is it that what was not an issue for their great, great, great, grandfathers and grandmothers an issue now? Has the formula for rock salt changed?

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Rock salt hurting animal feet is not new. That's why there is a formula offered and sold as 'pet safe'.

The cold and salt is one reason for the booties sold for dogs. Another method to protect paws is something called "musher's secret". Salt on dog paws is widely talked about amongst pet owners, this appears to be the first to ask about the City making modifications. Or at least the first to make the papers.

When I had dogs ~10 years ago, winters were not kind to them (short haired), so I invested in coats. When the salt got in their paws they were not silent about it hurting (I know it was the salt because it had already melted the snow/ice and salt was still left in crystal form). More than once did a fellow pedestrian turn and look at the crazy person with the screaming dogs.

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