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John Davidson, live in Copley Square

John Davidson with a guitar on Boylston Street outside the BPL

Joe Curnane caught a performance by John Davidson on Boylston Street outside the BPL today.

Davidson, now 81, who was both an actor and a musician, and who guest hosted the Johnny Carson Show 87 times, came down from Sandwich, NH, where he runs a summertime music venue.



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If I hadn't forgotten to sign in and have to start over like Nomar I would have said it first!

(We must be old)

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Where's Fran Tarkenton?

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An absolute icon of 1970s and 1980s tv. Great to see he’s still around.

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that well-preserved, spry, gloriously maned and musical at 81. (Probably helps to be very handsome and talented as a younger person, but still.)

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I wonder what brought him to Boston?

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was a guest on the midday WGBH FM talk show that broadcasts from the BPL.
The show with the terrible bumper music that can be annoying as that Kars for Kids theme.
John has actually been a guest several times.
He's in extraordinary good voice as well.

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When he played the schizophrenic nightclub entertainer on The Streets of San Francisco who killed people with a hat pin to the brain. Oh yeah, he was dressed in drag when he committed murder. Just what the 14 year old budding homosexual ordered.

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The huge game show nerd in me would have heartily gone over and shook his hand.

FOMO triggered.

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