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Kendall Square gas-main break forces evacuation of MIT buildings, shutdown of the Red Line

A high-pressure gas main ruptured in the area of 300 Main St. around 2 p.m., forcing the evacuation of MIT buildings E19, E28, and E38 and the shutdown of the Kendall Square Red Line station - which led the T to swap in shuttle buses between Harvard and Park.

Pedestrians were ordered away from the area.

MIT Police report that MIT buildings 16 and 56 were also evacuated, but due to "an unrelated problem with an air compressor."

The Cambridge Fire Department reported firefighters set up "fog streams to protect exposures and disperse gas vapors." At 2:14 p.m., the department reported Eversource had shut off the gas flow.

At 2:36, MIT Police reported that buildings 16, 56, and E19 were reopened, but that buildings E28 and E38 remained closed. The MBTA reported at 2:55 p.m. it was still running shuttle buses between Harvard and Park.



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This time.

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The rupture was right by where the excavators were working covering up the old Kendal stop.

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Researching a cure for catastrophic gas explosions and preventing such (due to human stupidity carelessness , etc), immediate sweeping inspections on corrosive old gas plumbing, underground lines should be something of use and would save lives. And applause. Awards, Nobel prizes to the MIT student and mentor who ignores the skeptics and pessimists and tries to help on this. Merrimack Valley.

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